“Being Happy!” by Andrew Matthews

Andrew Matthews, the well-known author of self-help books, is about to release the second edition of his million-seller book, “Being Happy!”. “Being Happy!” has helped countless numbers of people around the world live happier and healthier lives. Here are some comments from grateful readers: “Being Happy!” changed my life. Nancy Hayes I love your book. I keep it on my bedside table and refer to it as my Bible. Robyn Horowitz I would recommend it to everyone. S K Leggate “Being Happy!” was edited by Wordfix and will be published by Seashell Publishers and available from their website.

Reader’s comments – Cheerio, Don

Reader, David Cottone, is very impressed after reading Susan Alley’s new book, “Cheerio, Don”. Here is what he had to say: I was so impressed with your latest novel, “Cheerio, Don”, and enjoyed reading every single page of it. I read the book at two sittings and was unable to put it down. What I loved most was the attention to detail of the everyday lives of Australian people in those days; the pioneers, the everyday townsfolk and the incredible community support for our boys over there…. From an historical perspective, the book would be invaluable as a source to …read more

Robert Reid’s New Book

Well-known investigative journalist and author, Robert Reid, is about to publish his new book, “Legends of Australia’s Wild North”. Robert excels in writing gripping tales of adventure and intrigue, and this book is no exception. It contains true stories of brave, bold and bizarre happenings in far north Queensland, including Cape York. Included are stories about Fred Cole, the notorious anti-smoking advocate from BUGA UP, Dottie Darwin, the longest serving barmaid in Cairns, Noel Vonhoff who worked as a mercenary pilot during the Biafran war, and the legendary Percy Trezise, artist, conservationist, aviator and explorer. Robert’s book will be published …read more