New blog, “Marketing your book”

“Marketing your book”, a new blog by Michelle Street, is full of creative ideas for authors to help in marketing their books. Published authors describe the methods they have used in book marketing. The latest post on the blog is from Celia Berrill, a talented poet who writes science rhymes aimed at schoolchildren. Celia’s poems have been used all over the world as teaching tools. Click here to have a look at the methods that have made Celia so successful.

Help for Dementia Carers

A new book to help people who are caring for those with dementia has just been sent to the printer and will be released soon by Jabiru Publishing. Voices of Dementia Carers by Helene McCarthy is filled with helpful advice for dementia carers, letting them know they are not alone on their carer journeys. Helene has drawn on her own experience and the experiences of other dementia carers to write this supportive, helpful book. With almost 400,000 people living with dementia in Australia, this book is a very timely resource for dementia carers and their friends and relatives. Voices of …read more

“Women of Steel” Book Launch

In Wollongong in the early 1980s, jobs for women were scarce. Many women had to wake at dawn to travel to Sydney for work or sew in backyard sweatshops for minimal wages. When a group of local women decided to fight for jobs at BHP’s Port Kembla steelworks, all that changed. At the time there were tens of thousands of well-paid jobs at the steelworks but BHP wasn’t employing women. A 14-year struggle began as the women took on BHP at the factory gates and then in court and eventually won the right to jobs at the steelworks. It was …read more