“Beats Working for a Living” by Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan’s book, “Beats Working for a Living”, was edited by Wordfix and is shortly to be published by Jabiru Publishing, www.jabirupublishing.com.au.

Rob Ryan was born and grew up in Kenya. He read Geology at Oxford and became a mineral geologist, a career that started in Australia in 1955 and has since taken him to many parts of the world to look for mineral deposits.

“Beats Working for a Living” covers his early life in Kenya, his educational years in England and his work as a mineral geologist in many parts of the world. He also describes some of his more bizarre experiences , such as tribal riots in Papua/New Guinea, a Dayak barbeque in Sarawak, a warrior’s farewell in Fiji, panning for gold in the Nile, and discussions with the Government of Iran regarding uranium search in that country.

The impact that work as a geologist has on family is also described. The book is firstly a chronicle of his life, but is also written with an eye towards informing others who may be interested in a similar career.

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