"Christmas Poems & Stories" by Noela McNamara, Jabiru Publishing, 2020

Noela McNamara had a delightful habit of creating Christmas poems to enclose with Christmas cards sent to family and friends along with Christmas greetings. This book is a compilation of those poems, as well as other Christmas-related poems written over past decades, lost and long forgotten amongst the ephemera of life. A selection of Christmas stories is included for those who prefer stories to poems.

The focus in the book is on the true meaning of Christmas and its importance as a celebration of family life over the years.







"Waanyi Away" by Jeannie Little, Jabiru Publishing, 2020

Jeannie Little was born and raised in Mapoon, a small Aboriginal community on the western side of Cape York in north Queensland. Before the community was closed, Jeannie’s mother moved her family to Thursday Island when Jeannie was a teenager. She trained as a nurse in Brisbane and later travelled across Australia throughout her working life, eventually returning to Mapoon after the community was reopened.

This book contains an historical account of Mapoon and Jeannie’s personal experiences of growing up there. Jeannie’s story is also the stories of her mother and her grandmother. Jeannie has never forgotten her mother’s words: “Don’t carry my baggage.”

Waanyi is Jeannie’s mother’s tribe and so her tribe by birthright. The country belonging to the Waanyi lies to the west of Doomadgee on the Gulf of Carpentaria.







"The Present: Unlock Your Authentic Self" by Steve Strongheart, Jabiru Publishing, 2020

Here is a book written in plain English for the person seeking understanding, motivation and insight about the enigma called self.  Have you reached a point in your life where you feel the need for change? Do you want to understand the problems you have faced in your life? If you have been living your life as you were conditioned to believe life should be, then you need new information, new understanding and perhaps a generous helping of courage to enable you to move away from the old and toward the new.

This book is filled with powerful knowledge, ideas and tools to help guide you through the often confusing, sometimes overwhelming, always amazing place called your inner world.  Now as always, the power you seek is in your hands.






"Don’t Tell Me I Can’t" by Maria Dalmon, Jabiru Publishing, 2019

Maria Dalmon was born with cerebral palsy, but this has never stopped her from enjoying life to the full. Her book describes her schooling and treatment at the then Spastic Centre in New South Wales, joining the Girl Guides, and working in an administrative and desk top publishing role in an RSL Club. Her husband also has cerebral palsy. They have had a very interesting life, doing all sorts of adventurous things such as sailing, climbing to the top of Mt Kosciusko, travelling in Australia and overseas, and finding clever ways of dealing with their disabilities.

Maria Dalmon demonstrates how determination and courage have allowed her to live a normal, happy and fulfilling life. She is very keen to let others know of the need for acceptance, recognition and inclusion of people with disabilities.

Don’t Tell Me I Can’t can be bought from Jabiru Publishing’s online Book Store in the Memoirs section. You may need to scroll down to find it.

Don’t Tell Me I Can’t. Maria Dalmon. Jabiru Publishing, 2019. Paperback.

"Farewell White Man" by Ken Fairweather, 2019

Ken Fairweather was born in Australia and travelled to Papua New Guinea as a young man in the years before the country gained Independence. As one of the “left-overs” who remained in Papua New Guinea after Independence, with considerable knowledge of the cultural aspects of Papua New Guineans, he ventured into industry. He has been a trucker, a farmer and a Member of Parliament. The book describes his many business and commercial enterprises over the years, his time as a Member of Parliament, and his observations of the ways Papua New Guinea has changed over the years.

The book is filled with rollicking tales, demonstrating his passion for life, his entrepreneurship, his larrikinism, and his concern for the future of his adopted country.

Farewell White Man can be bought from the author’s website or Jabiru Publishing’s online Book Store in the Memoirs section.

Farewell White Man. Ken Fairweather. 2019. Paperback.

"Beamer: Am I One of You?" by Donna Herewini, Jabiru Publishing, 2019

This delightful children’s book is suitable for children aged 4-8 years. The high-quality illustrations help to tell the story of a funny dog called Beamer who can’t work out which group he belongs to. He talks to various creatures and tries to be like them. Sadly, he can’t do the things they can do. He can’t fly like a galah and he can’t bounce like a kangaroo.

At last he works it out! He rides in a car, he relaxes in a comfy armchair and he sits at the dinner table with Mum and Dad. He must be a human!

Beamer: Am I One of You? can be bought from Jabiru Publishing’s online Book Store in the Children’s Books section.

Beamer: Am I One Of You? Donna Herewini. Jabiru Publishing, 2019. Paperback.

"Immanence: Poems in Contemplation" by Noela McNamara, Jabiru Publishing, 2019

This collection of short poems, Immanence: Poems in Contemplation, is Noela McNamara’s fourth book. The short poems in this anthology explore aspects of social interaction, the writing of poetry, the beauty and power of nature, the trials and tribulations of personal space, and the challenges of life and living in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. The poems range in nature from reflective to funny, personal and serious, to engage with the contemporary realities faced by all people around the globe.

This book offers an enjoyable journey of contemplation which, whether read in a single sitting or dipped into over time, provokes profound thought about the past, the present and the future from personal and universal perspectives.

Immanence: Poems in Contemplation can be purchased from the Jabiru Publishing online Book Store in the Poetry section.

"Back Country Rivers" by David Howard, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2019

There are many ways to live a life. There’s the life you’ve led, the life you’d like to live, the one you wish you hadn’t lived, the life about which you fantasised but which eluded realisation. This book refers to the lives which others have lived in past generations in back country Queensland

Just like coastal and urban people, the lives of back country Queenslanders are generally mundane. It’s a grind. And to what end? Occasionally, there are highlights, either success or catastrophe. All the stories are remembered, but often they are unchronicled. This book contains many previously un-noted highlights in the lives of those who lived them. In today’s world where fact and fiction, myth and truth often merge, unprecedented steps have been taken to maintain the confusion. The stories are “as told” to or by the author and, like fossils, have lain unearthed until now.

If you are a grey nomad, a blonde or red-headed nomad, or have other nomadic traits, this book is for you. Alternatively, you may have no nomadic urge and are more than willing to visit the back country via a comfortable chair in your living room. If so, you also qualify. Enjoy!

Back Country Rivers can be purchased from the Jabiru Publishing online Book Store in the Poetry section.

Back Country Rivers. David Howard. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing 2019. Paperback.

"Timid Drip" by Desmond O’Neill, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2019

No longer will I face a taunt. My mind no longer will you haunt.” The bullied water-drop, Timid Drip, cries out in a rebellious rage, before disappearing. The other water-drops, dripping with guilt, start a search for one of their own in a unique, photographic journey.

Discover how the water-drops work together to soak the Tablelands and beyond with the most glorious rain seen in ages. Just like the rain, the story will stay with you.

From children in a playground to adventurers near and far, Timid Drip will travel with you, as we all combine to preserve the beautiful Nature we deserve to have.

Timid Drip can be purchased from the Jabiru Publishing online Book Store in the Children’s Stories section.

Timid Drip. Desmond O’Neill. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2019. Paperback.

"Daughter Woman Mother Wife" by Noela McNamara, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2019

As children, we learn to navigate the ebb and flow of the world around us. As adults, we learn to adapt to a much bigger world where some days are clear blue skies and flat calm water. However, life can change in an instant, and some days are accompanied by threatening dark clouds and crushing waves of unimaginable complexity.

The poems and short stories in this book present fictional interpretations of momentary highs and lows of family life from modern Australian society.

Stories and poems about a life
spent as daughter woman mother wife.
Sometimes happy sometimes sad,
the little things that make one glad.
Settled now with pen in hand
to leave a mark – if nothing grand.
Noela McNamara

Daughter Woman Mother Wife can be purchased from the Jabiru Publishing online Book Store in the Poetry section.

Daughter Woman Mother Wife. Noela McNamara. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2019. Paperback.

"Piggy Tales: Reminiscings of an Old Copper" by Graham Burridge, Cairns: Piggy Tales, 2019

As a former police officer, Graham Burridge has been shot at, stabbed and left with a broken neck as a result of almost 40 years of policing throughout Queensland, Australia. Piggy Tales is a chance for you to gain an insight into his world – the world of thousands of others just like him, ordinary men and women doing extraordinary things. Join him as he recounts the tales and anecdotes of the characters he met and worked with, and those who fell foul of the law.

Piggy Tales was published by Piggy Tales and is available to purchase from their website.

Piggy Tales: Reminiscings of an Old Copper by Graham Burridge. Cairns: Piggy Tales, 2019. Paperback.

"As If I Were Here" by Jennifer Coffison, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2018

Jennifer Coffison’s second book of poetry reveals a little more of the way that Jennifer uses poetry to express her deepest and most important emotions. The areas covered include identity, writing, the ties that bind us to others, love lost, and judgement. In Jennifer’s words:

“The only truth lies in love, our experiences and the sharing of ourselves with those we care about. With kindness, compassion and care we create a oneness. Words are so powerful when written, igniting the sense of a journey on different roads; and yet the same experience is felt by many. It is paramount for us to give of ourselves to the world with love. Be it sad, wonderful, loud, or devastatingly sincere, there are purpose and honour in every person’s truth.”

As if I Were Here is available for purchase from the Jabiru Publishing online Book Store in the Poetry section.

As If I Were Here By Jennifer Coffison. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2018. Paperback.

"Tyrannosaurus Rix" by Thomas Garrett, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2018, Paperback And Hard Cover

A short, non-eventful boat trip from the Mainland of Papua New Guinea to the small Island of Simberi suddenly turns into a living nightmare for five people on board. After the skipper had been travelling in the wrong direction for over an hour, disaster strikes when the small banana boat runs out of fuel and no-one knows where they are. The book tells the harrowing yet inspiring true story of the five people on board who, against all odds, attempted to survive the relentless and unforgiving Pacific Ocean with no food or water in a small open 23-foot banana boat, whilst Mother Nature threw everything she had at them. On that boat, a hero was born. His name is Rixson Masol, whose inspirational story of courage, strength and belief has made him the last true Tyrannosaurus Rix.

Tyrannosaurus Rix was published by Jabiru Publishing and is available for purchase from their website in the Non-fiction section.

Tyrannosaurus Rix By Thomas Garrett. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2018. Paperback And Hard Cover.

"Changing Stroke: Radical Rethink of Recovery" by Isobel Hubbard, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2017

Dr Hubbard is an occupational therapist, academic researcher and company director. She coordinates the stroke specialisation unit in a post-graduate university program and has researched arm and hand recovery and brain activation patterns after stroke. Isobel uses her expertise to describe a new way forward in stroke-related, clinical practice.

Changing Stroke was published by Jabiru Publishing and is available for purchase from their website in the Non-fiction section.

Changing Stroke: Radical Rethink Of Recovery By Isobel Hubbard. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2017. Paperback.

"Nanny Teapot and the Lost Golden Crown" by Amanda Wiltshire, Jabiru Publishing, 2018

This children’s book is Amanda Wiltshire’s second book, following on from “Fly”, a self-help inspirational book. Both books have been illustrated with Amanda’s interesting, evocative drawings.

“Nanny Teapot and the Lost Golden Crown” tells the story of Nanny Teapot’s holiday at the seaside. Because her golden crown was so precious, she decided to have it sent to the seaside town by special delivery. But when she went to the Post Office to pick it up, it wasn’t there! She was so disappointed! Would Nanny Teapot find her lost golden crown?

“Nanny Teapot and the Lost Golden Crown” was published by Jabiru Publishing and is available at their online Book Store in the Children’s Books section.

Nanny Teapot And The Lost Golden Crown By Amanda Wiltshire. Jabiru Publishing, 2018. Paperback.

"Design a Good Life: From Farm to Farmacia to Whole Health" by Mario Calanna, Jabiru Publishing, 2018

Mario Calanna is a well-known and well-respected pharmacist and the owner of a chain of pharmacies in north and south-east Queensland. This book describes the history of the Calanna family from the time Mario’s father immigrated from Italy and bought a sugar cane farm in Cairns. Mario graduated as a pharmacist, and after some time built a medical centre and pharmacy on the cane farm that his father was sub-dividing. Over the years, with his father’s advice, Mario developed the chain of pharmacies. The book also tells the story of Mario’s service to the community through membership of service clubs, his personal philosophy, his spiritual and personal beliefs, and his views on how to lead a good life, enjoying high levels of emotional, physical and spiritual health.

“Design a Good Life” was published by Jabiru Publishing in 2018, and is available from the Jabiru Publishing Book Store in the Memoirs section.

Design a Good Life: From Farm to Farmacia to Whole Health by Mario Calanna. Jabiru Publishing, 2018. Paperback.

"The Science Rhymes Book" 2nd Edition by Celia Berrell, Jabiru Publishing, 2018

The Science Rhymes Book is a collection of poems by poet, Celia Berrell, about science,  designed to generate children’s interest in the subject. The poems are delightfully illustrated by humorous drawings showing interesting information about science, as applied to everyday life.

This is the second edition of Celia’s popular book, and contains added poems and illustrations.

The accuracy and appropriateness of the science content has been approved by universities in Australia and the United Kingdom.

The Science Rhymes Book, 2nd edition, was published by Jabiru Publishing in 2018, and is available from the Jabiru Publishing Book Store in the Children’s Books section.

The Science Rhymes Book, 2nd Edition, By Celia Berrell. Jabiru Publishing, 2018. Paperback.

"Creating Pathways through Tangled Roots: Poems & Stories" by Noela McNamara, Jabiru Publishing, 2018

Poet Noela McNamara’s new book is a collection of poems and short stories that explore the interface between cultures in contemporary Australia. Noela draws on her studies and academic work in the field of Australian Indigenous literature, as well as her extensive writing experience, to produce a compelling collection of work. Noela sensitively and thoughtfully examines the often complex and confusing nature of cultural difference, and the impact of mainstream culture on those who may be marginalised.

Creating Pathways through Tangled Roots was published by Jabiru Publishing in 2018, and is available from the Jabiru Publishing Book Store in the Poetry section.

Creating Pathways Through Tangled Roots: Poems & Stories By Noela McNamara. Jabiru Publishing, 2018. Paperback.

"Fly" by Amanda Wiltshire, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2018

Do you long to connect to that place deep inside, where you know true happiness is found? A place where self-love is waiting to be discovered?

Do you long to be happy and healthy by dissolving the barriers you have placed around yourself? After reading this book you will learn to love yourself and others unconditionally. You will learn to live in such a simple way that you can help yourself and others find the joy and happiness that is missing in life.

Life is meant to be easy. Obtaining love, health and happiness is a universal goal which it seems we struggle to achieve. If we can equip ourselves or our loved ones to FLY through these difficulties, then there is no better gift.

“Fly” is available from the Jabiru Publishing Book Store in the Self-help section.

Fly By Amanda Wiltshire. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2018. Paperback.

"Tommy and Friends to the Rescue" by Lenka Wagner, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2017

It is peaceful in the deep green forest until a giant pink beetle roars into the meadow. Three strange creatures appear from under its wings. Who are they? What do they want?

Tommy meets humans for the first time. When they leave, his world is different. It’s ugly and full of hidden danger. Can Tommy and his friends come to the rescue and bring peace to the forest again?

Lenka Wagner’s second book in the Tommy series is a very useful tool for teaching children about caring for the environment. The book is beautifully illustrated with Lenka’s original watercolour paintings.

“Tommy Learns a Lesson” is available from the Book Store, www.jabirupublishing.com.au, in the Children’s Books section.

Tommy And Friends To The Rescue By Lenka Wagner. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2017. Paperback

“A Nurse Like Aunty Mavis” by Denise Petersen, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2017

Denise Petersen wanted to be a nurse like her Aunty Mavis ever since she was four years old. After struggling with Dyslexia, she graduated as a nurse and later trained in Brisbane and Sydney to obtain Certificates in Midwifery and Child Health. She worked in a small hospital on the Nullarbor Plain and later worked in Papua New Guinea for many years. With her husband and two small children, she sailed to Cairns in tropical north Queensland and continued her nursing career there. She then specialised in the complex and difficult field of Paediatric Oncology, where she nursed many sick children. Part of her nursing journey involved caring for children (and their parents) as the children who did not survive their cancers went through palliation.

Like her Aunty Mavis, Denise also travelled extensively, both for work and pleasure. She hopes to inspire others to follow the path of “A Nurse Like Aunty Mavis”.

Available from the Book Store, www.jabirupublishing.com.au.

“A Nurse Like Aunty Mavis” By Denise Petersen. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2017. Paperback

"Born Again" by David Hull, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2017

Seventeen-year-old Dane can’t take it anymore. Tormented at school, ignored by his teachers, and with no friends to speak of, he attempts to leave his cruel life behind. However, a chance encounter with Addison, a young artist with her own painful past, opens the doors to a life beyond his daily misery.

With guidance from Addison and her two closest friends ‒ Sandra, outspoken and fierce, and Pearce, caring and loyal ‒ Dane begins his process of healing. With their help, he has the chance to make a new beginning. It’s like being Born Again!

Available from the Book Store, www.jabirupublishing.com.au.

Born Again By David Hull. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2017. Paperback.

“Trust Holds the Key” by Helene McCarthy, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2017, E-Book

Set in Melbourne in the 1850s, “Trust Holds the Key” tells of the  developing love between an unlikely couple: beautiful Jewish woman, Leah Reece, and Lord Charles Webster, a highly respected figure in the new colony. Leah’s father is falsely accused of murdering his business partner, and a smear campaign by the local rabbi presents unexpected difficulties.

“Trust Holds the Key” is the third historical romance written by the talented author, Helene McCarthy who is, not surprisingly, an historian.

The e-book is available from Amazon.

Trust Holds The Key By Helene McCarthy. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2017. E-Book.

“Communion with Heaven, Book 3” by Antonietta Allotta, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2017

Antonietta Allotta was only twelve years old when she saw her first vision – of Jesus on the cross. Throughout her whole life, Antonietta has continued to have dreams and visions. Communion with Heaven: Book 3 tells the stories of Antonietta’s most recent experiences, from 2015 to 2017.

As she approaches her eighth decade, Antonietta has been very surprised by how much the world has changed. The Word of God and the recognition of Jesus Christ’s presence on Earth are fading. The world is beset with many serious problems. Yet, she feels that the Lord will never abandon us. He forgives us, and gives us the opportunity to change for the better.

Available from the Book Store, www.jabirupublishing.com.au.

“Communion With Heaven, Book 2” By Antonietta Allotta. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2014.

“Southern Cross Gypsies” by Clive Richmond, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2017

Two young people met, fell in love and decided to travel around Australia, as many people did in the 1970s. The difference was, they kept on travelling! They moved from place to place, from job to job, even after having children. Clive and Mandy Richmond have spent almost all of their married life travelling throughout Australia, making new friends, seeing new places, and enjoying the freedom that only the open road can provide. An immensely interesting read.

In Clive’s words:

It was just for something to do, really. Leave our jobs, sell what wouldn’t fit in the car and work our way around Australia, but it turned out to be so much more.

The road became our friend like a welcome stranger, with the best country in the world shimmering through the windscreen, and music and laughter as our constant companions. It was freedom, pure and simple, and it became a trusted addiction.

Available from the Book Store, www.jabirupublishing.com.au.

“Southern Cross Gypsies” By Clive Richmond. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2017. Paperback

“A Trillionaire’s Pathway: My Fantasy Hotel” by Chris Shaw, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2017

Most of us “do a job” to make the money to raise a family and, hopefully, have enough left over for our old age. However, there’s a different breed of individual who doesn’t live by the accepted rules of business: not criminals, but entrepreneurs – very gifted people who use their imaginations and creativity to solve business problems in novel ways, and also to spot new market niches that have yet to be fulfilled.

In place of a university course in ‘Entrepreneurialism’, this little book is an entertaining study of the mind of the entrepreneur, using fantasy as a viable problem-solving device. It explores reality vs. fantasy, fact vs. fiction, elegance vs. the mundane. You will know you have understood it ‒ and made it ‒ when the money takes a back seat.

This is evolution at work in the market place. Through this book, the author aims to help you increase your creative fitness level by expanding your mind.

Available from the Book Store, www.jabirupublishing.com.au.

“A Trillionaire’s Pathway: My Fantasy Hotel” By Chris Shaw. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2017. Paperback

“Tommy Learns a Lesson” by Lenka Wagner, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2017

Tommy believes he’s the best rabbit in the forest. He believes he doesn’t need any friends.  He’s happy on his own.

One day, he leaves his home, without telling anyone. At first, everything is fine, but there is danger hiding in the forest. Soon, Tommy finds himself in a difficult situation.  Even worse, he’s all alone.

Will Tommy learn how important it is to have friends and a caring family before it’s too late?

Available from the “Book Store”, “Children’s Books” at www.jabirupubling.com.au.

“Tommy Learns A Lesson” By Lenka Wagner. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2017. Paperback

“A Kenya Beginning” by Robin Swift, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2017

Robin Swift’s great-uncle, Randall Swift, settled in Kenya in 1904, blazing a trail for Robin’s father and uncle who followed him there in the 1930s.

The book tells of Robin’s childhood in the 1950s and his experiences working as a young coffee estate manager in the early 1960s before going to agricultural college in England.

After college, Robin returned to Kenya and coffee farming. Soon he embarked on a career change, moving to Zambia and later Rhodesia, working in the agricultural machinery business. After he was married in Rhodesia, Robin and his wife started on a new stage in their lives, with a life-changing posting to Botswana for Robin to work at the Caterpillar dealership in Gaborone.

The family returned to Harare in Zimbabwe in the early 1980s, shortly before the Mugabe government forcibly evicted thousands of farmers from their land.

In 2004, the family decided to migrate to Australia. This led to a whole new way of life, dealing with the challenges of finding employment and a new home.

Available from Jabiru Publishing, www.jabirupublishing.com.au.

“A Kenya Beginning” By Robin Swift. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2017. Paperback

“Silver Linings: 25 Years of Community Housing” by Access Community Housing, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2016

Access Community Housing has been operating for 25 years in Cairns, providing community housing for thousands of tenants over the years. “Silver Linings” is a celebration of the organisation’s 25th anniversary. The book is a snapshot of the people who have been part of this amazing journey. The stories in this book celebrate the positive effects of having safe, secure, affordable housing.

Available from Access Community Housing, 5 Anderson St, Manunda, QLD 4870.

“Silver Linings: 25 Years of Community Housing” by Access Community Housing. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2016. Paperback

“The Smiling Disease” by Liane Low, Cairns: Mary Low, 2016

“The Smiling Disease” is a delightful book for children, with the message that smiling is contagious, and that if you smile at people, they will return the smile. Penned in rhythmic verse, this quirky story promises to brighten your day and “put a smile on your dial”.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Tanya Sarianti Ashworth.

“The Smiling Disease” By Liane Low. Cairns: Mary Low, 2016. Paperback.

“Fortune’s Way” by Helene McCarthy, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2016, E-book

The first of a number of historical romances by Helene McCarthy, “Fortune’s Way” is set in the early days of Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania). Daniel Quinn is sentenced to life imprisonment in Van Diemen’s Land for a crime he didn’t commit. Having survived the perilous sea voyage, Daniel tries to make the most of the terrible hand that Fate has dealt him. Having acquired useful skills in Port Arthur Prison, he is released to work for a wealthy landowner. He didn’t plan on falling in love with his master’s young daughter. But what chance does he have of winning her? He is a lowly convict, and she can have her pick of wealthy young men.

“Fortune’s Way” is only available as an e-book on Amazon. Click here to purchase or obtain more details.

“Fortune’s Way” By Helene McCarthy. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2016. E-Book.

“Spin into Speech & Drama: Early Years” by Hazel Menehira, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2016

In the early years, acquiring speech sounds, language, and oral and communication skills can be a fun and satisfying experience for young people.

These pages are designed to encourage and assist parents, pre-school educators and teachers of the young to use and enhance the oral language skills of their students. In a multicultural country, it is vital to introduce oral English skills to students in fun-filled, stress-free sessions.

This book, based on Hazel Menehira’s 60 years of teaching, provides flexible strategies, activities and exercises that work for students from 3 to 10 years at various levels of oral development. Background Teacher’s Notes are included.

The book is available from www.jabirupublishing.com.au.

“Spin Into Speech & Drama: Early Years” By Hazel Menehira. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2016.

“Spin into Drama” by Hazel Menehira, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2016

Teachers, aspiring actors, both teenagers and adults, and all theatre practitioners will benefit from these strategies to enhance drama skills. Activity and study sessions cover vital performance strands for stage and screen aspirants. A guide for teachers and directors is included.

Best of all – this material, designed to encourage and strengthen actors, is drawn from Hazel Menehira’s lifetime of teaching, examining and directing.

The book is available from www.jabirupublishing.com.au.

“Spin Into Drama” By Hazel Menehira. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2016.

“Travel to the Bushland” by Brenda Pearson, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2016; 2nd Edition, 2017

Beautiful artwork by Brenda Pearson illustrates her original stories about Cunpta and her travels to the bushland, Dreaming stories, the colourful plants and wildlife of tropical North Queensland, and the  interesting and unique sea wildlife of the Great Barrier Reef.

The book is available from www.jabirupublishing.com.au.

“Travel To The Bushland” By Brenda Pearson. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2016; 2nd Edition, 2017.

“The Essence of Mars” by Wayne Ellis, Obooko, 2015, E-book

After saving the Moon, the Guardians and the Keepers have the difficult job of ridding the Planet of Mars from the Shadow Lords. Elise and her fiancé Steve are selected to go on a Mission with other Keepers to investigate why the Face on Mars has been altered. With the help of the Oracle, they defeat the Shadow Master. As a result, the Temple on Mars is transformed. The book is available for free download from Obooko.

“The Essence Of Mars” By Wayne Ellis. Obooko, 2015, E-Book.

“The Oracle Moon” by Wayne Ellis, Obooko, 2015, E-book

Book 1 of “The Transformation Chronicles” begins in 1970 with a woman meditating on a beach in India. She becomes a Guru who shows human beings the way to transform their natures to become good people. She warns about the evil powers that are attacking the transformed souls. These evil forces are eventually overcome on Earth, but then they turn their attention to the Moon. A race is on for the Earthlings to find the Moon Oracle so that its powers can be used to save both Earth and the Moon. The e-book is available for free download from www.obook.com.

“The Oracle Moon” By Wayne Ellis. Obooko, 2015, E-Book.

“The Cruising Dream” by Jenny Lawton, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2015

Jenny and Doug Lawton were two schoolteachers who loved their jobs, lived in a beautiful home and had a family of three boys. They could see a new era in their lives approaching, as their sons were growing up and becoming independent. They took up the challenge of Doug’s dream to ‘buy a boat and sail away’ and turned it into a reality. It took common sense, careful planning and hard work, but led to amazing experiences and unforgettable places and people. It also developed new strengths of character within them and a deep appreciation of other ways of life. This is their story of ten years spent in their yacht, Swifty – the first three learning and practising, followed by seven years of cruising adventures. The book is available in hard copy from www.jabirupublishing.com.au and as an e-book from Amazon.

The Cruising Dream by Jenny Lawton“The Cruising Dream” By Jenny Lawton. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2015.

“The Power and the Possible” by Stephen Paul Chong, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2015

“The Power and the Possible” is a “roadmap” for teenagers trying to navigate the magic and mystery, trials and challenges of the teenage years. Guided by practical insights, humour, “easy-going” parables and a wonderful narrative about a family of “ducks”, Stephen leads the reader along a pathway that informs and inspires the reader to tackle the teenage years with spirited enthusiasm.

“In some small way, ‘The Power and the Possible’ is my attempt to help teenagers avoid the prevalent scourge of drugs, depression and youth suicide in our society, by helping them discover their ‘inner hero’.” Stephen Paul Chong M.Ed.

The book is available in hard copy from www.jabirupublishing.com.au and as an e-book from Amazon.

“The Power And The Possible” By Stephen Paul Chong. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2015.

“This Homeland of Mine” by Noel Humphreys, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2015

The book is a collection of poems about Australia, Australians and Australiana. Noel Humphrey’s poems are meaningful, emotional, historical, nostalgic and comical. The poems appeal to people of all ages, allowing readers to reminisce about their own lives, or to appreciate the poems from the perspective of the younger generations. The poems are grouped into “Australian Icons”, “Nostalgia”, “Australian at Heart” and “Australian Soldiers”. The book is available from www.jabirupublishing.com.au.

“This Homeland Of Mine” By Noel Humphreys. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2015.

“No Indication of Splinters” by Jennifer Coffison, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2015

Jennifer Coffison’s first poetry book is written from the heart, about love, life, relationships, caring, loss and healing. Based on Jennifer’s own life experiences, the poems help us connect with each other and remind us of the human qualities we have in common. Strongly recommended for poetry lovers everywhere.

The book is available in hard copy from www.jabirupublishing.com.au. It is also available as an e-book on Amazon.

“No Indication of Splinters” by Jennifer Coffison. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2015.

“Voices of Dementia Carers” by Helene McCarthy, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2015

About 400,000 Australians have some form of dementia. All of these people have at least one carer who helps them live their lives with the best quality of life possible. Helene McCarthy, herself a dementia carer, wrote this book to help those who are on the difficult path of being a carer of someone with dementia. The books contains real-life stories, comments and advice from dementia carers. It also provides helpful tips for dealing with difficult situations, and advice on how to obtain support and information. This book is a very useful tool for carers.

Available in hard copy from www.jabirupublishing.com.au. Also available as an e-book from Amazon.

“Voices Of Dementia Carers” By Helene McCarthy. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2015.

“Fleeting Moments” by Gisela McIntyre, Xlibris, 2015, E-Book

Ursula had finally fulfilled her lifelong dream—watching the Kentucky Derby in Louisville. Her beloved husband had died two years ago, but maybe it was time for Ursula to make a fresh start. There she met the tall and handsome Gary. Their mutual attraction turned into a passionate love affair. Sadly, it didn’t work out, and Ursula returned to her home in Australia. Ursula did all she could to get over her feelings for Gary. She started writing again, and she met someone new. Then unexpectedly, Gary came back into the picture. Could Ursula believe his promises this time round? Available from Amazon.

“Fleeting Moments” By Gisela McIntyre. Xlibris, 2015, E-Book.

“Legends of Australia’s Wild North” by Robert Reid, Mareeba: Blue Heeler Books, 2015

Robert Reid, renowned author and investigative journalist, spins some fascinating and unusual tales about legendary characters in the Wild North of Queensland, Australia. This region has always attracted pioneers, adventurers, eccentrics and a ragtag assortment of knockabout characters. In this part of the world, they find acceptance and a freedom from the usual rules of society. Here are some of their stories.

To obtain a hard copy of the book, please click here.

“Legends Of Australia’s Wild North” By Robert Reid. Mareeba: Blue Heeler Books, 2015.

“It’s Always the Love” by Henry Gobus, 2014, E-book

This unique self-help book is based on the notion that how we feel about ourselves determines how we see the world. If we have positive thoughts about ourselves, we will have a positive view of the world, and this in turn will affect our behaviour. Based on the evolutionary model of human behaviour contained in Henry’s first book, “Human Ascent”, the book shows that we go through different developmental phases during our lifetimes, and during each phase we interact with the world in different ways. We change emotionally over time, and this affects the way we think and hence the way we behave.

“It’s Always The Love” By Henry Gobus. Henry Gobus, 2014. E-Book.

“Headmaster Not Eaten: Some Light Relief from Odd Jobs Overseas” by James B Farrell, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2015

A much-travelled educationalist, James Farrell has a rare ability to notice and describe the little incongruities and strangenesses that can be observed in countries different from his own. His ability to turn these experiences into clever, amusing anecdotes makes this book most enjoyable for the reader. James Farrell is a superb writer whose vast life experience is portrayed so entertainingly in this book. This book is a delight from cover to cover. The book is available from Jabiru Publishing.

“Headmaster Not Eaten: Some Light Relief From Odd Jobs Overseas” By James B Farrell. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2015.

“Cheerio, Don” by Susan Alley, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2015

“Cheerio, Don” tells the story of Susan Alley’s uncle, Don Mitchell, who served in the Militia in New Guinea during World War II. This fascinating, very personal story was compiled by the author from Don’s diaries and letters to his family while he was away with the Army. It provides a first-hand account of the brave Militia’s war efforts in New Guinea, as well as an insight into how ordinary Australians coped with the difficulties and uncertainties of war, including threats to their homeland. The book is available from Jabiru Publishing.

“Cheerio, Don” By Susan Alley. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2015.

“Communion with Heaven, Book 2” by Antonietta Allotta, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2014

This is Antonietta Allotta’s second book in the series, “Communion with Heaven”. Since she was a child, Antonietta has experienced dreams and visions that have told her about things that were going to happen in the future. Other time, she has experienced amazing events that she has described as miraculous. This book is a compelling account of some of Antonietta’s more recent experiences. The book is available from Jabiru Publishing.

“Communion With Heaven, Book 2” By Antonietta Allotta. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2014.

“The Will of the Three” Book 4 In “The Transformation Chronicles” by Wayne Ellis, E-book, 2014

When three sisters come together in a most unexpected way, powerful things happen. The ongoing battle against the Shadow Masters from the Dark Realm tests the sisters’ powers against new foes in the form of dragons, spiders and evil Wraiths. Eventually, good overcomes evil, and peace returns to the beautiful planet of Udicia. This e-book and the other e-books in this series are available from ebooko .

“The Will Of The Three”. Book 4 In “The Transformation Chronicles”, By Wayne Ellis. E-Book, 2014.

“How Life Works” by Andrew Matthews, Trinity Beach: Seashell Publishers, 2014

This very useful self-help book explains why the same things keep happening to us in our lives. It addresses questions such as why bills come in bunches and why rich people just keep getting richer. The book explains why success in life in life is not about what you know or who you know, but about how you feel about yourself. Andrew Matthews is a highly successful writer and speaker, and has helped countless people throughout the world lead happier lives. This is his seventh published book. To obtain a copy of the book, please click here.

“How Life Works” By Andrew Matthews. Trinity Beach: Seashell Publishers, 2014.

“Beyond a Time: Stories New and Selected” by Hazel Menehira, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2014

This collection of poems is rich and uplifting throughout with the love of life, people and the spirit of place. New poems settle comfortably next to selected poems from Hazel’s extensive and long experience in writing and teaching. “Beyond a Time” is a companion book to Hazel’s book of short stories, “Below a Time”. The book is available from Jabiru Publishing.

“Beyond A Time: Stories New And Selected” By Hazel Menehira. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2014.

“Below a Time: Stories New and Selected” by Hazel Menehira, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2014

This collection of stories teems with life, amazing characters and humour. Story lines are varied: credible, somewhat strange, close to crime, speculative, beyond any square, and even bizarre. New stories merge perfectly with old favourites gleaned from Hazel Menehira’s sixty years’ experience as a writer and teacher. “Below a Time” is a companion book to Hazel’s book of poems, “Beyond a Time”. The book is available from Jabiru Publishing.

“Below A Time: Stories New And Selected” By Hazel Menehira. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2014.

“Beats Working for a Living: My Life as a Geologist” by Rob Ryan, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2014

After growing up in Kenya and attending Oxford University, Rob Ryan had no idea that he would end up as an exploration geologist in Australia. This unexpected career trajectory found him exploring the wilds of Western Australia, the Northern Territory and north Queensland to discover deposits of minerals such as gold and uranium. His later work led him from the rainforests of Borneo to the deserts of Egypt, and from being a guest of the government in Iran to a ceremonial welcome in Fiji. The book also explores the human costs of his chosen work, due to the necessity for long absences away from home on field trips. The book is available from Jabiru Publishing.

“Beats Working For A Living: My Life As A Geologist”, By Rob Ryan. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2014.

“Never Let the Truth: Stories from my Imagination” by Chris Shaw, Sydney: FC Productions, 2014

This random, skittish and quirky collection of stories is Chris Shaw’s fifth published book. The settings range from the quiet rurality of southern Wales to the highways and byways of North Queensland, Australia, along the way visiting Canada, England and Dubai. Chris’s wonderful imagination is translated into strange tales – some real, the others … well, I’ll leave it to your imagination.

“Never Let The Truth: Stories From My Imagination” By Chris Shaw. Sydney: FC Productions, 2014.

“Little Rosy Lost Her Way” by Kasthurie Govender, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2014

Kasthurie Govender’s heartwarming first book tells the story of little Rosy who became separated from her mother at a railway station. Rosy was very sad, until she met a little elephant called Ganesh. Ganesh looked after Rosy until her mother found her again. After that, whenever she was sad or afraid, Rosy thought about Ganesh, and she felt safe. The book is available from Jabiru Publishing.

“Little Rosy Lost Her Way” By Kasthurie Govender. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2014.

“Beyond the Great Juncture” by Wayne Ellis, Obooko, 2013, E-book

In the early 22nd century, Daniel Withers and his crew on the Starship Centauri journey to an Earth-like planet called Udicia. This is Earth’s first intergalactic peace mission to help troubled worlds. Udicia has been conquered by the Shadows, demonic beings that are negative left-overs from other transformed worlds. The Guardians and the Keepers from the Starship Centauri have come from all over the local galaxy to rid Udicia of the Shadows and bring peace to the planet. To download a free copy of the ebook, please click here.

“Beyond The Great Juncture” By Wayne Ellis. Obooko, 2013.

“Don’t Chew Gum and Don’t Lie to Mum” by Sharon Wilson, Cairns: On The Edge Press, 2013

This book is the first in a series of books about Walter Bear, a mischievous little bear who gets into all sorts of trouble. Beautifully written by Sharon Wilson and illustrated by Tracey Beikoff, “Don’t Chew Gum and Don’t Lie to Mum” is part of the “Mum’s Morals” series, designed to help children learn appropriate behaviour. To obtain a copy of the book, please click here.

“Don’t Chew Gum And Don’t Lie To Mum” By Sharon Wilson. Cairns: On The Edge Press, 2013

“Communion with Heaven” by Antonietta Allotta, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2013

Antonietta Allotta’s first book tells of a profound spiritual experience that she had as a child. During her life, she has had many such experiences, and now wants to share her story with others. The book is beautifully illustrated by Andrew Bonneau, a young, talented artist who was a finalist in the 2013 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize. The book is available from Jabiru Publishing.

“Communion With Heaven” By Antonietta Allotta. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2013

“My New Country: Loving, Laughing and Learning to Live in Australia” by Chris Shaw, Sydney: FC Productions, 2013

This is an hilarious account by Chris Shaw of his assimilation into the culture of Tropical North Queensland in Australia. An Englishman by birth, Chris came to Australia as a much-travelled and worldly person, but nothing had prepared him for the vast variations in weather and the enormous number of dangerous creatures that live in this beautiful part of the world. A delightful, original collection of short stories from the pen of a prolific and talented author.

“My New Country: Loving, Laughing And Learning To Live In Australia” By Chris Shaw. Sydney: FC Productions, 2013

“HMS Warspite: My Memories of World War II” by Wally Shaw, Sydney: FC Productions, 2012

“HMS Warspite” is a labour of love in more than one respect. The book was written by Wally Shaw who was called up to the British Navy during World War II and joined the crew of the battleship, HMS Warspite. This book is his story of his time on HMS Warspite, when the ship travelled with convoys and fought battles in the Mediterranean, off the Malta and African coasts. Four years after Wally’s death at the age of 101, Wally’s son, Chris Shaw, published his father’s wartime account as a tribute to his father. In addition to Wally’s wartime stories, the book contains more information about Wally and about HMS Warspite.

“HMS Warspite: My Memories Of World War II” By Wally Shaw. Sydney: FC Productions, 2012

“Undertow” by Kiri Newtown, BookPal, 2012

An amazing book written by a talented new author, this is Kiri Newton’s first published novel. “Undertow” recounts the story of Zoe Lawinsky who miraculously survives a plane crash in the Pacific Ocean. From that moment, her life is never to be the same. Little by little, she comes to understand the true nature of Josiah, the person who saved her life. She also comes to understand her true destiny. For more information about the book, please click here. The book is available from Amazon.

“Undertow” By Kiri Newtown. BookPal, 2012

“Echoes of the Past” by Noela McNamara, Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2011

“Echoes of the Past” is a beautiful collection of memories held in poetry and photographs. It portrays the intimacy, love and universality of family life over generations. In her book, Noela pays tribute to the memory of her parents, Lorna and Noel Mulhall, and traces the love and enduring connections among the many members of the Mulhall family. The book is available from Jabiru Publishing.

“Echoes Of The Past” By Noela McNamara. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2011

“Hey, Guys! Here’s How You Get More ‘Nooky’!” by Chris Shaw, Sydney: FC Productions, 2011

This self-help book for men offers simple solutions to the age-old question, “What do women want?” These simple guidelines for improving relationships with wives/partners/girlfriends are designed to bring the obvious rewards suggested in the title. Along the way, however, this clever book can help produce great happiness and contentment for both men and their partners in all aspects of their lives.

“Hey, Guys! Here’s How You Get More ‘Nooky’!” By Chris Shaw. Sydney: FC Productions, 2011

“Ever Essence” by David Hollands Curran, BookPal Australia, 2011

Little did Markus realise when he was initiated into a mysterious secret society that his life would change so dramatically. His new job at the prestigious Antioch Medical University revealed many secrets about his life and the lives of others – his parents, his new friends and his new colleagues. How did his colleagues appear so young when they had such distinguished careers? Were his parents really his parents? Who was Markus really? The confronting and sometimes grisly answers to these questions challenge our ideas about what life means. The book is available from Amazon.

“Ever Essence” By David Hollands Curran. BookPal Australia, 2011

“To Catch a Butterfly You Need a Net” by Gabriele Phillis, Durham, CT, USA: Strategic Book Group, 2011

In this exciting thriller, the hero unwittingly places his life in danger when he witnesses a murder carried out by the world’s most-wanted serial killer. Placed under witness protection, he tries to carry on a normal life with his new girlfriend. When the killer tracks him down, he is forced to flee, and his girlfriend’s life is also in danger. The book is available from Amazon.

“To Catch A Butterfly You Need A Net” By Gabriele Phillis. Durham, CT, USA: Strategic Book Group, 2011

“Kanahooka Memories” by Helena Webb, Cairns: Cairns Publication Services, 2010

“Kanahooka Memories” is a heart-warming story of growing up in a small rural town in New South Wales, Australia. The author, Helena Webb, provides a first-hand account of the Depression and World War II years. This is a fascinating glimpse of an earlier era seen through the eyes of a young girl. The book is available from Jabiru Publishing.

“Kanahooka Memories” By Helena Webb. Cairns: Cairns Publication Services, 2010

“Human Ascent” by Henry Gobus, Cairns: Henry Gobus, 2009

According to Henry Gobus, the author of “Human Ascent”, evolution is a structured and organised process in which the development of intelligence plays a crucial role. The book uses information from psychology and biology to address the age-old question of why human beings have surpassed all other animals in intellectual capability. For more information about the book and to obtain a copy, please click here.

“Human Ascent” By Henry Gobus. Cairns: Henry Gobus, 2009.

“Take Me to Truth: Undoing the Ego” by Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira, Winchester, UK: O Books, 2007

Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira are the Australian authors of this best-seller, which is a practical guide to relinquishing the ego and discovering the way to peace, love and joy. With its origins in the well-known “Course in Miracles”, the book draws on the spiritual learnings of its authors. For more information about the book and to obtain a copy, please click here.

“Take Me To Truth: Undoing The Ego” By Nouk Sanchez And Tomas Vieira. Winchester, UK: O Books, 2007

“Common Sense Urology” by Dr Neil S I Gordon, Cairns: Bydand-Steadfast Publications, 2007

Designed as a practical guide, “Common Sense Urology” has obvious application for general practitioners, nurses and hospital emergency department staff. Written by Cairns Urologist, Dr Neil Gordon, the book has much to contribute as a simple guide to investigation, diagnosis and treatment of urological conditions. To obtain a copy of the book, please click here.

“Common Sense Urology” By Dr Neil S I Gordon. Cairns: Bydand-Steadfast Publications, 2007