New Book by Andrew Matthews

Wordfix had the pleasure of editing “BOUNCING BACK!” by well-known self-help author, Andrew Matthews. The book has just been released. It provides 7 Steps for rebounding from disappointments and terrible events. The appeal of Andrew’s books lies both in the inspiring stories about people who have overcome terrible events, as well as in Andrew’s interesting and humorous cartoons. Andrew’s other popular books include “BEING HAPPY!” and “FOLLOW YOUR HEART” which have sold 8 million copies and been translated into 48 different languages. You can find out more from Andrew’s website.    

Selected Stories by Noela McNamara

Imagining Other Lives: Selected Stories has been slowly created over many decades. Scribblings of random thoughts and ideas on old envelopes, scraps of paper large and small, and various notebooks had lingered patiently awaiting attention. With precious spare time on her hands, Noela McNamara heeded their call and brought them to life. This collection of tales presents miraculous, menacing and mysterious happenings in the lives of imaginary characters over time in Australian society. Noela has a special penchant for developing original and creative stories and poems from her imagination, using ideas that pop into her head at random. This is …read more