A Nurse Like Aunty Mavis

Denise Petersen always wanted to be a nurse, just like her Aunty Mavis. Despite her reading difficulties, she successfully completed her training as a nurse. Thus began her career in nursing, starting with a stint in a tiny country hospital on the Nullarbor Plain, followed by nursing and midwifery in Australia and Papua New Guinea. She lived in Papua New Guinea for many years in a range of interesting, exciting and sometimes dangerous jobs.

With her husband and children, she sailed in the family yacht to Cairns, North Queensland. There, the family settled, and Denise embarked on a whole new career in nursing. She eventually found her passion: caring for children with cancer and their families.

With over fifty years as a nurse, Denise has a lot of tales to tell! “A Nurse Like Aunty Mavis” is the story of her fascinating life.

“A Nurse Like Aunty Mavis” will be published in December 2017 by Jabiru Publishing. It can be ordered from the Book Store, www.jabirupublishing.com.au, in the “Memoir” and “Non-fiction sections.

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