Selected Stories by Noela McNamara

Imagining Other Lives: Selected Stories has been slowly created over many decades. Scribblings of random thoughts and ideas on old envelopes, scraps of paper large and small, and various notebooks had lingered patiently awaiting attention. With precious spare time on her hands, Noela McNamara heeded their call and brought them to life. This collection of tales presents miraculous, menacing and mysterious happenings in the lives of imaginary characters over time in Australian society.

Noela has a special penchant for developing original and creative stories and poems from her imagination, using ideas that pop into her head at random. This is Noela’s 10th published book, but only her second devoted entirely to short stories.

Here is a little glimpse of one of the stories in this latest book:

A Mother’s Nightmare

Anna lay on her bed, shivering, with the sheet pulled over her head. This was the third night in a row that he had come tapping on the window. It broke her heart and took all her strength not to open the window and let him in. However, she had reached her emotional limit and knew she could not deal with his problems any longer. She had tried everything, but nothing worked, and she simply could not take it anymore. She wished the sheet would just swallow her whole and make her disappear. She was at her wit’s end and simply did not know what else to do. She felt that if his tapping did not tip her over the edge, then the self-blame surely would…

The tapping had stopped, and it was ominously quiet.

Imagining Other Lives was published by Jabiru Publishing in 2023 and is available from their Shop.

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