General Editing

Wordfix assists writers with structural editing, copy editing and proofreading. We work with many types of documents, including novels, non-fiction books, children’s books, text books, memoirs, family histories, business documents, and government reports and submissions.

Structural editing for fiction books includes checking characterisation, story line, point of view, style and consistency. For non-fiction books, it includes checking logical flow, structure and format.

Copy editing includes correcting errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar, sentence structure and word usage, as well as checking style, flow and consistency.

Proofreading includes checking for errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar, word usage, formatting and layout.

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Academic Editing

Our highly qualified editors are experienced in editing a range of academic documents, including journal articles, text books, research reports, grant applications and higher-degree theses. We ensure consistency with the requirements and conventions of academic and scientific writing styles, and we guarantee high levels of accuracy and attention to detail.

Our services include structural and content editing, proofreading and formatting. These services also include checking referencing format, layout and consistency.

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Book Production

We manage the whole process of producing a book, starting from the original writer’s manuscript and moving through the stages of editing, design, formatting, obtaining ISBNs, barcodes and Cataloguing-in-Publication, proofreading, liaison with the printer, quality control and printing of the final version.

We also offer book appraisals to help you decide whether your book is suitable for publication.

Book Production


In addition to helping you improve the accuracy and readability of your writing, we can also help you draft your document. Appropriate writing styles are used, depending on the type of document and its purpose.

We specialise in web content, media releases, business documents and advertising copy.