Back Country Rivers

Recently released by Jabiru Publishing, Back Country Rivers by David Howard is a collection of bush poetry based on the lives of people who lived near the river system of north-western Queensland and north-western New South Wales – the Back Country. The poems’ stories can be sad, humorous, tragic and fantastic, and are told in the inimitable style of former ABC Radio broadcaster, David Howard, who spent some time living in Longreach.

David’s poems are accompanied by carefully researched – but definitely not boring! – prose in which he explains more about the history of the people and the country described in the poems. David has a dry sense of humour that resonates well with the people of the outback, but also appeals greatly to those more inclined to be city folk.

This book is a carefully compiled collection of poetry and prose that does justice to this unique and unusual part of outback Australia, which includes the Channel Country whose rivers eventually flow to Lake Eyre in Central Australia. Highly recommended!

Back Country Rivers can be purchased from the Jabiru Publishing online Book Store in the Poetry section. Scroll down till you find what you want.

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