Back Country Rivers by David Howard

David Howard has published a second edition of his very popular book, “Back Country Rivers”. In his laconic fashion, he has subtitled it “Wider and Deeper”. The new edition contains extra poems about people and events set around the remote rivers and creeks of North Queensland. David has also added more information about some of the poems and stories contained in the first edition.

The book contains a Foreword by eminent biologist and beef producer, Angus Emmott OAM. Angus recommends the book highly:

This book David has written focuses on the rivers in this outback region and the importance of conserving them…. In this book, he continues his wonderful gift of telling stories, whilst honouring the outback landscape. I highly recommend this book for those who are wishing to get a deeper understanding of this amazing part of our planet.

“Back Country Rivers” was edited and produced by Wordfix and published by Jabiru Publishing. You can buy the book from their online Book Store.

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