New Book by Pharmacist Mario Calanna

Mario Calanna, the well-known and well-respected Cairns pharmacist, has a new book, just released by Jabiru Publishing. In his very interesting and helpful book, Mario covers the story of the Calanna family after his father migrated to Cairns from Italy and bought a cane farm. When Mario decided to study pharmacy rather than become a cane farmer, his father began to subdivide the farm, located at Woree south of Cairns.

A medical centre and pharmacy were built on the old cane farm, and thus began the development of the chain of pharmacies, Calanna Whole Health Pharmacies, which has now grown to eleven pharmacies in north and south-east Queensland. They all have a mission to provide pharmaceutical and complementary products, support and advice to each customer. Mario has built his business and his reputation by focusing on helping and guiding people so that they can improve their health, their lifestyle and their mindset. Despite changes in the economy and society over the years, the Calanna focus has always been on its people and its customers.

Mario’s book, “Design a Good Life: From Farm to Farmacia to Whole Health”, is available online from the Jabiru Publishing Book Store in the Memoir section.

Design a Good Life: From Farm to Farmacia to Whole Health, by Mario Calanna. Cairns, Australia: Jabiru Publishing, 2018

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