Reader’s comments – Cheerio, Don

Reader, David Cottone, is very impressed after reading Susan Alley’s new book, “Cheerio, Don”. Here is what he had to say:

I was so impressed with your latest novel, “Cheerio, Don”, and enjoyed reading every single page of it. I read the book at two sittings and was unable to put it down. What I loved most was the attention to detail of the everyday lives of Australian people in those days; the pioneers, the everyday townsfolk and the incredible community support for our boys over there….

From an historical perspective, the book would be invaluable as a source to Australian students from all backgrounds, in understanding the factors that contributed to the uniquely Australian culture and psyche as we know it. Our attachment to the land, our sense of humour, gender relationships and community values, are all embedded in the characters in the novel. What a great character Don was; “constant as the Northern star” (Shakespeare) and one that future generations could aspire to in terms of his determination, humility, loyalty and gentle nature. Isabel, too, was such a strong character; she shows us how generation gaps can be breached without major conflict and chaos.

Congratulations on a great book, and I am sure your readers will want to hold you to your promise … of more wonderful books from you in the future.

Cheerio, Don was edited by Wordfix and published by Jabiru Publishing.

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